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Nobody could empty a room quicker than him.”Corbett says the angry white guys don’t realize their advantages."You may have lost a battle here or there, but it’s not institutional racism or sexism that you have to deal with.“Look, I’m a white guy; there’s a lot of white guys like me and this idea of white privilege is a real thing," he says.For example, he remembered getting in trouble as a young man and having his parents show up to smooth things over with police. Call a mobile therapist, swap with your partner or do it yourself! Cut up magazines and make a collage with love and far too much glue. “I have been a beneficiary of white privilege and gotten in trouble for stupid things.If the same thing had happened to a couple of black kids it would have been different.”He's convinced people are confused about American symbols and their meaning.He is, by the way, a white guy.“I’m just a concerned citizen,” says the law librarian, in a phone interview.Corbett and Tim Jones (another white guy) wrote the text; the 27 illustrations were done by veteran artist (and African-American) Steve Hartley.

With more people, it doesn't mean there are fewer rights but that everyone should be sharing in the pie and opportunity.

Instead of unicorns and snowmen, readers can color images of Donald Trump and illustrations that represent freedom of speech, Russian collusion theories, the Ku Klux Klan and football civil rights action.

I Leave NY: 190,000 left for other states“It came completely out of me screaming at my TV, and the way the GOP is taking the country off in a totally different direction,” says Corbett, who graduated from JFK High School in Somers.

Go to Italy or Spain for the day – listen to the music, read about the country, look at maps, eat food inspired by the area.

If none of these is an option how about an online role play?

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