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Similarly, we've added support for three other Python syntax checkers: pylint, pyflakes, and pychecker.

My personal preference is for the annoyingly picky pylint, but other people swear by pyflakes.

The syntax checker also looks at Java Script and CSS fragments in HTML code as well -- these are the contents of event-handling and "style" attributes.

Figure 2 shows Komodo complaining about a missing quote in a handler.

Would be nice if someone could post old & new face for comparison.

Komodo has always been adept at working with multiple languages.

His face looks so fake & weird like Cassie, older model looked much better. Shalin looked funny & many complained but now he looks so creepy.If you're looking for a higher degree of accuracy, pychecker can supply that.Note that if you select it, Komodo will give a warning that pychecker actually loads and executes your editor's code as part of its operation.Now we've expanded this choice to several other languages.Java Script programmers can select jslint (or the more recent jshint), configure it, and have their JS code checked for problems other than missing return statements.

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