Lee hom wang dating

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The couple has not spoken much about how their relationship developed, but within a year after their first meeting, Jay has cast Hannah in the initial cut of the music video for his song “How Are You”.In 2011, though the couple still did not confirm their relationship, they were seen together on numerous occasions and were even photographed in France, with Chou’s arm around Hannah.Despite a 14-year age gap, the couple has a very amicable relationship. It’s hard being her and she’s persisted for so long.” He later added, “I need to do something very significant in my life before I turn 36.Says Jay Chou, “My mental age is about the same as hers and we just get along like children.” Image courtesy of Jay Chou’s Weibo. Starting a family sounds pretty good.” Just like how the couple’s wedding would be, Chou’s proposal was traditional, magnificent, and closed to the media.

The singer’s fans noticed Jiali’s little action and couldn’t help gushing over her cuteness, with some even playfully scolding the singer for snapping a picture instead of letting Jiali eat her dumpling.Jay Chou took the unplanned reveal in stride and even gamely posed with his eager fans outside one of the venues.The historic Selby Abbey at North Yorkshire became a popular tourist destination among Asians overnight after it was revealed that it was the venue for the couple’s wedding ceremony.However, the 41-year-old seems to have made an exception for the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, which falls on May 30 this year.Lee Hom uploaded a quick shot of his family-of-four at home on his Facebook page yesterday.

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