Ældre dating Skanderborg

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The campus is the site of educational institutions such as a public school, a business college (an HHX institution), technical college (an HTX institution under Aarhus Tech), an adult educational centre, Skanderborg Gymnasium etc., situated in a sculpture park.The gymnasium was designed by architectural firm Friis & Moltke and built in 1973.In the years of 1717-22, King Frederik IV began demolishing the old original medieval structures and replaced the former fortifications with terraced gardens.Only the bell tower of the still existing castle church remained.

In the 12th-16th centuries, Skanderborg Castle functioned as the traditional hunting retreat of the Danish kings.Skanderborg Lake as seen from the northeast, with Kalvø and the remaining red brick castle church, once associated with Skanderborg Castle.The beech trees behind the church are the outskirts of Skanderborg Dyrehave.Over time, the town has grown into a suburb of Aarhus to the north east, connected by the urban areas of Stilling, Hørning and Hasselager.Skanderborg is home to a population of 18,506 citizens (1 January 2014), Skanderborg is an old town and the area have revealed traces of human settlements, dating from the earliest Nordic Stone Age.

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