Dating and being a female preacher dating the wrong woman

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I serve a multi-racial, actively anti-racist congregation. I wanted to lament about my denomination, which sometimes opts for tokenism over true diversity.I wanted to talk about how hard it is to get ordained as a black woman even in progressive denominations.And he said I was going to struggle as a “single black female.” And beyond the fact that it sounded like a funny movie title, I didn’t take his words very seriously.

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He believed (and went to a church that believed) that primary leadership roles were only meant for men, and support roles were for women.

While I was a student in college, I was part of a campus ministry that had both men and women leading and preaching.

The female preachers I witnessed were confident and strong speakers who spoke with authority and power.

A few weeks ago, the pastoral leadership team of my church (which I am a part of) was planning the upcoming sermon series.

When asked if I wanted to preach one of the sermons, I enthusiastically said yes.

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