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As a deadline-driven team, we’ve been known to shave considerable time from our new construction schedules. We have a solid reputation for delivering on a broad spectrum of different profile renovation projects efficiently.We operate with an old-fashioned get-it-done sort of mindset and incorporate this mindset in all we do, including how we manage our subcontractor teams and schedule our projects from start to finish. These simple and traditional values have served us and our clients well, resulting with additional sales weeks for our clients and job security for us. Learn More Pre-qualification of our subcontractors, both union and non, has helped to reinforce how we perform on our own construction schedules for tenant build-outs and all our new construction and renovation projects, turning many of our projects over to our clients expeditiously. We helped customize and implement an accelerated construction schedule program for one of our high-volume renovation clients, turning 2000 – 2600 square foot stores in less than 10 days. We understand the total customer experience, as well as the bottom line.Our foundation for the future is based on our continued success within our growing industries.Driven by excellence in execution, GCC team’s ultimate goal is to deliver values and benefiting the communities we serve.As cash dried up, the “acquisition gurus” began offering stock rather than cash for newly acquired companies. But the bottom dropped when a fickle Wall Street figured out that growth and fattened balance sheets were occurring primarily due to acquisition, not inherent profitability or organic growth.

Our commercial services include interior & exterior casework, finish custom carpentry, countertops & hard surface, cabinet design, and more. This helps us keep better control of the schedule and keeps us in line for total project completion.Staying open during construction can be intense, but we usually work well under pressure.We’re well-versed on both sides of commercial construction transactions.Some changed their names, others started merging and splitting, selling off properties and buying others almost as if in a ritualistic dance.Are all these gyrations just the normal results of new mega-companies trying to “find themselves?

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