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For me it is one of those new features that you get all excited about until you actually start digging into it and looking for ways to use it; you know what I mean?On a fundamental level a Field simply offers the option to tap into Auto CAD's reservoir of drawing file data to extract and present that data as a text field.I've made a block with fields linked to attributes (so when I change the value of the "master" attribute, the field values will change).*NOTE* the fields are contained within a piece of MTEXT and NOT within another attribute.As a result, we now know that we need to create a Custom entry for this field using the DWGProp command.

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In a perfect world all those numbers would always be correct and this is where Fields offer a glimmer of hope.Unfortunately this seems to not be possible, as fields require at least a "REGEN" to be updated.The research let me to discover the FIELDEVAL system variable, that actually controls how fields are updated.Updating your title block manually only takes a few minutes for each new drawing set, and is a much simpler process than working with this complex updating system.If you haven't had a chance to tinker with Auto CAD 2005's Field Object, chances are that you have certainly heard about it.

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